The bicycle is the only item in our world that is truly classless. Over a billion bicycles exist across the world and there is no one specific ‘type’ or ‘group’ of people that ride a bicycle; regardless of race, religion, colour, creed, age, sexual orientation, political beliefs or any other characteristics, it has always been, is, and will be perfectly acceptable for you to be riding a bicycle.

The invention of the bicycle and cycling (or velocipeding) was initially, for a short period of time a fad for the elite few, but the advent of John Kemp Starley’s safety bicycle

There are plentiful legitimate studies that have extensively evaluated the impact our names have on our lives. From altering the shape of our faces, to increasing the likelihood of reckless spending; our names, and stereotypes associated with them have a surprising influence on how our lives pan out.

How our name influences the way we look

Take a look at the image on the left — what name do you think the person looks like?

Go with your gut feeling, and keep your answer in mind. …

‘People who speak two languages fluently think about time differently depending on the language context in which they are estimating the duration of events.’

Speaking another language is so much more than simply using different words in a slightly different order, and ocassionally written using different shapes.

Over time, groups of people all over the world developed their own way of speaking about things relative to them — and for these groups certain things mattered more.

For example, a group of indigenous people inhabiting the arctic known as ‘Inuit’ have almost fifty different words for snow within their language, mainly…

Update: After publishing this article, I co-authored a submission to the UK Parliament’s transport committe’s inquiry into e-scooters which you can read here:

I’ve always been a passionate advocate for e-scooters — I believe the evergrowing ubiquity of these trendy toys zipping down roads at 15 mph, brings us all one step closer to achieving world peace.

So this article may be a little biased.

The UK Government’s Announcement

On the 9th of May, as part of the government’s announcement of a £2 billion package to ‘create a new era for cycling and walking’, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced the fast-track of trialling…

Leonardo Da Vinci is mainly known for his art, but he was more than just a painter.

The Last Supper

Da Vinci defined what it meant to be a genius. Having spent most of his lifetime in engineering, he conceptually invented parachutes, helicopters, machine guns, armored tanks, diving suits, and even crocs.

That’s a joke, the crocs part — Da Vinci wasn’t the lunatic that invented those.

It’s been known for a while that Facebook has aimed to delve into the area of cryptocurrency, and after many different rumoured names such as ‘GlobalCoin’ and ‘Facebook Coin’, the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement last week, of launching ‘Libra’ — Facebook’s ambitious cryptocurrency*.

Photograph: Charles Platiau/Reuters

Yes — there’s an asterisk next to cryptocurrency there (and I wish I could make it larger). To explain how Libra isn’t a real cryptocurrency, I’ll lay out what makes a real cryptocurrency and how Libra does not meet that criteria.

Credit goes to Andreas Antonopolous here; a prominent blockchain expert who laid out…

Constant smartphone usage has led to us all living in a constantly interconnected world, with instant access to social interaction and other means of mental stimulation, which can be quite pleasurable at the moment.

However, this comes with it’s downsides; studies have found that increased, constant smartphone and social media usage comes with it’s downsides, with an increase of low-level anxiety and depression amongst avid social media users. Also leading to a lack of mental clarity, and increasing feeling of being overwhelmed.

I’m not at all suggesting that you should immediatly deactivate all your social media accounts, and throw away…

Why do we cry? I mean, physically shed tears when we’re upset, or joyful, or even cutting onions? It was a bit of a random shower-thought I had — what is the purpose of shedding tears?

Well, I did a bit of research, and I am by no means a biologist, but the science behind it was quite interesting.

Some people are able to release fake tears, known as ‘crocodile tears’.

Essentially, we have three types of tears: basal tears, reflex tears, and psychic tears. They’re all activated by different stimuli, but formed in the same way, by the lacrimal gland behind your eyelids, which produces and drains your tears.

Basal Tears

Basal tears…

Today, the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn announced that the Labour Party would increase the national minimum wage to £10 per hour for all ages.

As of 11/05/2019, these are the current National Minimum Wage rates for the following age ranges:

  • Under 18 — £4.35
  • 18–20 — £6.15
  • 21–25 — £7.70
  • 25 and over — £8.21

“ Equal pay for equal work is hardly a controversial idea, so why are we discriminating against young people? You don’t get a discount at the shops for being under 18. But if the person serving you on the other side of…

This Monday, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX unveiled his new plans for a ride-hailing app that competes with Uber, Lyft, and every other ride-sharing app in a new way.

Elon Musk presenting the new ‘robo-taxi’ plan to investors

In summary, if you own a Tesla with full self-driving capability, you will be able to ‘host’ the car for ride-sharing while you’re not using it, kind of like a mix between Uber and Airbnb.

Let’s think about a scenario where you may be using this.

You own a Tesla Model 3, with full-self driving capability. You drive to work, park…

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