The Great British E-Scooter Revolution

The UK Government’s Announcement

On the 9th of May, as part of the government’s announcement of a £2 billion package to ‘create a new era for cycling and walking’, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced the fast-track of trialling e-scooters, bringing the trials forward from next year, to next month.

The E-scooter Economy

As long as there isn’t much acclivity, these easy-to-use motorised vehicles are an absolute joy to ride, but putting that all aside, one of the unintended effects of this decision to implement rental schemes may be that people get a bit more money in their pockets.

E-scooters can be docked anywhere in a particular area, and locked/unlocked through the rental app.
  1. You download their rental app, sign up to be a ‘charger’ and look for scooters nearby that are low on battery.
  2. You choose one or more scooters, pick them up, and charge them up at home using the power supplies and adapters.
  3. The e-scooter company pays you a few dollars (it varies between £3-£20 per scooter)

1. It’s not affordable for all

These rental schemes aren’t exactly affordable for everyone. Renting an e-scooter usually costs around £1 to unlock, and £0.15 per minute of riding, which can add up quite a bit.

2. There’s an obvious *cough* reason as to why we should *cough* avoid ride-sharing

The scooters are designed to solve the ‘last mile’ problem and overall for shorter journeys, and that’s why they’re ideal in the form of a rental scheme, and not owned.

The largest e-scooters companies have said they are ‘enhancing’ their cleaning methods for their scooters.

3. Riding them can be dangerous

Even while e-scooters have been illegal in the UK, several deaths have occured by those using them privately.

The Bottom Lime

The government has made their intentions clear, that e-scooter rental schemes will be rolling out sooner than we could have expected, and it’s only a matter of time until we see either another conspiracy theory pop up, about how these e-scooters are just another form of the government’s overarching plan to kill every citizen in sight through these self-controlling electric sticks on wheels.



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Zain Hussain

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